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Hi everybody!

Just a quick post to say I've relocated to Busy Little Fee, my new space for all things lifestyle, parenting and everything in between!

I've been posting under this name for a few weeks now, and I've noticed this little space getting more followers on Blogger and Bloglovin - if you could all follow my new blog I'd really appreciate it, and you can keep tabs on where I am!

See you there!
Monday, 19 May 2014

Muppets and Puppets Party. [Image heavy]

In the lead up to Oswalt's first birthday, I was going Pinterest mad. We had decided on a theme: Muppets and Puppets, for the boy who loves those two things dearly. But everything we found online was rubbish, or the same tired set of cupcakes that everybody has already done. We wanted this day to be special and exciting, and to have a great mix of foods for all kinds of guests of every age. We were getting nowhere. So we came up with our own solutions (sometimes with a little bit of guidance/inspiration from other people online) and put out our own Muppets and Puppets spread. Here's what we did.

We thought a lot about colours when compiling our list of foods and drinks. Yellow for Big Bird, pink for Piggy, we played on 'The Rainbow Connection'...  Our thought process went "who are the favourites? What do they look like? What food matches that?" and we took it from there. Foods included:

  • Big Bird Bites - cheese and pineapple on sticks (obviously take off the sticks for babies!)
  • Rainbow Connection - we did fruit skewers for this, as well as a bowl of Smarties. Fruit skewer info below
  • Sesame 'Street' Snaps
  • Fozzie Fingers - chicken fingers for meat eaters, veggie fingers for veggies
  • Piggy and Kermit Kiss - a ham, lettuce and mayonnaise wrap
  • Beaker's Hair - carrot and hummous wrap
  • Cupcakes - red swirls and white chocolate button eyes to represent Elmo, blue swirls with a mini cookie to represent Cookie Monster. These were hinting towards characters rather than actually copying their faces, like many of the cupcakes you see online - to be honest, this was just less work!

'The Rainbow Connection' skewers were made of strawberry, mango, pineapple, green grape, blueberry, watermelon and red grape, following 'Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain' [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet] apologies for shoddy picture quality through all of these, by the way!

To drink, we made Piggy Punch and Kermit Krush. Piggy Punch was Cherries & Berries juice mixed with Summer Fruits juice and ice in a blender, then poured over lemonade. Kermit Krush was made using the same method but the juice used was Kiwi and Lime. Both were absolutely delicious and the drinks were probably polished off faster than anything else; everybody loved them.

And then there was the cake. We didn't have loads of time for the cake so we couldn't put in the effort we normally would, but ST did an amazing job for the time we had. We picked Animal because he's Ozzy's favourite character. 

Animal had rainbow insides and blackcurrant jam sandwiching him together, and he tasted delicious. And Oswalt loved him. Can you tell?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Oswalt's One Year, One Month Update.

The Littlest Vintage is a year and a month old, and is absolutely fantastic.

He's kind, he's adventurous, he's inquisitive. He's empathetic, hilarious, disobedient (aren't they all?!), cheeky, loving and sensitive. He is exactly who he should be.

He still feels separation anxiety, though it is definitely easing up. He's always been naturally quicker to warm to men but it seems like this phase is on its way out. Fingers crossed! He's been walking since 9 months and is now running like mad (joining in with me as I say "ready... steady... go!" before he runs with all his might and laughs his head off)

He's in 18-24m clothing (just when I asked everybody to buy him 12-18 for his birthday, he grew out of them the next week... Sigh) and sleeps from around 8pm to around 7am. He also naps for three hours a day: one in the morning, two in the afternoon, usually. We weaned him using a spoon but now he feeds himself using his hands entirely (other than soup and yoghurt) which can get pretty messy, but is great for building his independence - and allowing us to eat our meals at the same time as a family! 

In the last few weeks he has discovered that cuddles and kisses are not a complete waste of time when you could be running around causing mischief thankyouverymuch, but they're actually quite nice. I am definitely not complaining about this discovery.

He loves Animal (Muppets) and Olaf (Frozen), and his favourite foods are stew, blueberries, cheese, cheerios, ham, pasta, grapes... I can't think of anything we give him that he won't eat. His absolute favourite activity is brushing hair - getting his brushed or brushing ours, it doesn't matter. Ironic, really, considering his disobedient locks that WILL NOT STAY FLAT. He says "nana" for food and "NAna" for 'na-nights', "cup", "up", "down", "yep/yeah/yes", "no", "shoes", "cheese", "Mum", "Dad", his own version of his sister's name and, oddly, "doctor". We have no idea where that one started or what it means in his language but he says it clear as day. His favourite nursery rhyme is and always has been "baa baa black sheep" (he just sings "daa daa DAT" and that's enough for him). His language is coming along leaps and bounds at the moment, and he is a little sponge who will repeat pretty much anything we say. Time to start curbing our language! He recogises what "shoe" means, as well as "other" - if we ask for shoes he will get one, then we'll ask for the other and he'll go and get it. Comes in handy when they're lost! He also understands "get your cup", "get your nappy", "get Olaf" or a variation we ask him is "Where's ___?". It's so amazing to see him studying things, reading our lips and mouthing what we're saying, watching in his eyes as he tries to work out what you're asking and, sometimes, getting it right. 

I'm so proud of my boy, and constantly doing what every parent does at every stage of development: mourning what is gone forever, anticipating what is coming next and looking forward excitedly to finding out exactly who this handsome boy is going to become. I'm stuck between wanting to slow it all down and speed it all up and you know what? That's okay! All I can do is live life in awe of this brilliant boy and simply see where every day takes me. And freak out when I realise that he is already ONE and basically, wasn't he just born a month or two ago?! Good lord.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Defying Gravity.

Yesterday was my four-year anniversary with my sweetheart, and to celebrate I took the day off work (and I'm taking today off as a surprise too! He's not going to find out until he gets home from 'the school run'!) and we enjoyed some real quality time together.

Painted in dark green from W7's Metal Nails range with Emerald City by Model's Own over the top

We started the day with a trip to IKEA, purely for the breakfast. We figured out that we'd have enough time to get out of Milton Keynes, do a bit of shopping and get back before picking Little Vintage up from school, so we took a trip to our favourite charity shop location - Leighton Buzzard. Let me know if you're interested in a haul! We mostly bought books for the children (because I've kind of got it into my head that I want to make World Book Day a thing every year!) and a couple of bits and bobs for ourselves - Cluedo being one of them, hello! - then went to Oliver Adams to pick up an iced ring doughnut with cream. Which they didn't have. After I got over that TOTAL DEVASTATION I grabbed a ham roll, a chocolate brownie and a doughnut with sprinkles. I couldn't decide which I wanted, so I halved each one with Oz. 

Swapping Ruby Slippers for black flats by F&F

Speaking of Oz (tenuous link there!), once we got the children home and changed and ourselves washed and preened, the babysitter (Little Vintage's Mum) arrived and we were able to go on our first "date night" in who knows how long. This is certainly the first time we've "called in" a babysitter for any occasion! We booked tickets for Wicked months ago. I had already seen it twice before and am just absolutely obsessed, and I finally convinced ZombieDad that he would love it too. (On an unrelated note, I'm thinking of changing what I "call" everyone on here. Is that just a complete blogger n0-no?!) I have no idea why I was so nervous that he'd turn to me in the interval and say "what did you just take me to?!?!" because he was absolutely head over heels for it. I'm so pleased! He was so enamoured he convinced me to finally get a copy of The Grimmerie, which I have been lusting after for years. Score!

Anxiously waiting to get in to the theatre at this point!

Today is going to be another day of quality time, but this time we're on our own until 2.30 - Tuesdays and Fridays are Oswalt's days at the childminder. I think we might go for our first relaxed lunch outing in god knows how long. I'm trying to convince him that we should go to La Tasca "before I start work at 2" as it's where we had our first date (plus it's just one of our favourites anyway) or even TGI Fridays or something else fancy (my idea of fancy seems to be pretty skewed...) but it's difficult to justify the cost, so we'll have to see. Either way, I'm looking forward to a relaxed day, just the two of us - even if it is going to be completely weird not to have children running around our feet!
Sunday, 23 February 2014

Our Weaning Story.

Oswalt is a hearty ten month old now (eleven next week! Oh my GOD!) and, obviously, what he eats is a huge part of his day. There are so many options for parents when it comes to weaning, from baby lead weaning (BLW) to home-cooked meals to purees from a jar to keeping them on the bottle until you physically can't any more. This time last year I was around a woman whose nine month old had never eaten and she had anxiety about giving him a yoghurt incase he choked, being lectured by a woman whose six month old was having Smash and gravy every night for dinner. Those examples are opposite ends of the spectrum, but for all of us Grey-Area Mamas who want to do things the right way but don't know what that is, things can get a little bit confusing.

NHS guidelines (as well as most parenting and weaning books you will come across) agree that the appropriate time to start introducing solids to your child is at six months old. We didn't do that. Oswalt suffered with awful reflux as a baby and, following months of different formulas and prescription medicines, I did my research and spoke to my doctor about the possibility of weaning him early, at four months old. Midwives gave a unanimous and resounding 'no way!' but the doctor said give it a try, he can always come off if he's not ready. By no means do I believe that every child should start eating solids the moment they turn four months, but I'm offering this to parents who are tearing their hair out and don't know how to make their baby stop vomiting. Do some research and consider it. 

We didn't go for BLW. In all honesty, I was looking forward to coming up with weird and wonderful concoctions, as if it made me feel more 'mumish' for creating foods for my baby and doing the aeroplane as I fed them to him. We started with things like mashed banana or steamed sweet potato, then once he had got used to eating we stopped making separate meals and simply mashed, chopped or blended what we were having. Life is definitely easier if your baby is having a bit of what you're having! He didn't have any packaged baby food until nine months old, when we got a few Ella's Kitchen pots for when we were having takeaways. Honestly, though, he didn't like any of them except the pork stew; even those for over 12 months were too watery, and when we tasted them we understood why he was uninterested and pushing the spoon away as they didn't really taste of very much at all. I totally get the ease of the jars/packets of food, and if they taste nice there's nothing wrong with it! It's just cheaper to dish up some of our meal to him, plus that way we know exactly what has gone in to what he is eating.

Now, he barely uses a spoon. Whenever we do, he tries to take it from us and generally jabs food into his eye. As much as I want to encourage him to use his own utensils, I don't think he's quite ready for that yet: it's much easier to empty his food into his tray (we have tried using the Tommee Tippee mats but he can detach them, and bowls with writing on the bottom don't stick properly) and let him pick it up and feed himself, which is developing his fine motor skills enough as it is. Of course you end up with food on the floor and a very messy baby, but he seems pleased by the independence. I find that you eliminate the majority of the floor mess by dishing it to him bit by bit. It's almost as if there being too much food overwhelms him and he just throws it away, whereas a small pile of food is manageable and he can work his way through that. 

I think, as with everything else in parenting, I guess it's got to be a trial and error thing. It's whatever works for your baby/toddler. Next step for me is changing his milk pattern once he turns one (he's currently having one bottle of formula in the morning and one in the evening, and sometimes a third with his afternoon nap depending on the amount of yoghurt/cheese he's had in the day) and I find it quite intimidating entering into the unknown with him once again! But let's be honest - do any of us really ever know what we're doing?!

Sorry for including bad quality Instagram pictures with this post. I post lots of Mummy pictures on Instagram (certainly far more than I blog) so to keep up with our weaning progress please follow Vintage Fee on Instagram.
Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lazy Sundays.

Since taking a step back at work (and moving to a different, much quieter branch) I have come to really appreciate my life. I have every weekend off, I am working with a group of people whose company I enjoy, the customers are much kinder and I am now able to structure my life around work at home as well as work outside. Don't get me wrong, this isn't my forever solution; I'd love to be able to work solely at home if I'm completely honest, but for now I am happy and things are really going my way.

Of course, this leaves me absolutely no time to blog. I finish work at 7.30 every weekday evening, so my routine is Oz bed, LV bed, dinner, TV, bed. Not the healthiest of lifestyles, granted. But on this lazy Sunday afternoon, when my other half is playing on his Playstation, my boy is having a nap and my girl is visiting her Mum, I have a pork roasting and a fully crossed-off to-do list for the day... And I am free to take ten minutes to blog. And so I will.

Life recently has been spent making plans. The children's birthdays are in April and we have successfully bought them all of their presents in the January sales. We're also planning to decorate their bedroom as a joint birthday present so we are slowly picking up/looking up bits and bobs so that we can carry out the theme we've chosen (it's SO good!) as best as we can. I've started planning Oz's first birthday party already too (seriously) and have even picked up the favours to go in the party bags. Yes, I am that Mum!

We intended to go to IKEA today to definitively choose their new wardrobes (among other things), but after 20 minutes queueing to get in to the car park, we decided to give it a miss and spent an afternoon in Tesco. We then came home just in time to watch the second thunder and lightening storm of the weekend. And that's that! Our lazy Sunday, just the way I like it. :)
Monday, 13 January 2014

Two Generations, One Family.

My other half mocks me. You see, I am a Center Parcs child and he is a Butlins baby. Every time I get something better than him, or every time I mention something expensive or indulgent, he replies with "yeah, well, we didn't all go to Center Parcs". And I laugh to myself - not because it's funny, but because when I eventually take him to Center Parcs on holiday he is going to have the time of his life. And I'm smug that way.

The 'Three Generations, One Family' video resonated with me. I think I went to Center Parcs (or Oasis as it was called the first time!) four times in total. We visited the branch in the Lake District each time, allowing it to become ever more familiar but never old hat, staying in different types of houses and chalets at different areas of the park. We went quad biking, rock climbing, horse riding, bowling, swimming indoors and outdoors, had our faces painted, ate fast food one night and fine dining the next, ate our home-cooked breakfasts outside as squirrels darted around our feet in the morning sun and allowed ourselves to relax in the on-site spa. Some of my favourite childhood memories are shared with my little brother on those holidays. And that is what I want for my family. 

I want to take Little Vintage, the thrill seeker, to zoom around on a quad bike. To ride a horse. To go and get a hair braid, like my Mum and I used to do together. I want to take her on a girly spa day and have her just as confused about why this water is hot and this water is cold as I was. I want to show Oswalt what the neon bowling looks like, and teach him to swim in a Center Parcs pool, so we can head outside together and swim under the sunshine. I want to show ZD how happy and wonderful and full of excitement a Center Parcs family break really can be as we round the day off by a dusk BBQ on our patio. And turn it from something to be mocked, to something to be excited about as we approach each summer. And what's even better is that one is going to open just a 20 minute drive from us - a holiday on our doorstep! I really can't wait.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit the Woburn park when it opens!
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